Bachelorette Party

How do we handle your bachelorette party?

Right after a pleasant welcome from our security guys you will find yourself in the first and the only stylishly designed ladies club in the world. In our ladies club, you will find everyone to be very nice and helpful. After you put your coats in the cloakroom, you walk down on the beautiful granite staircase and will find yourself in our club. Just below the staircase you will meet our nice and smiling hostess, who will answer any questions you might have. Perhaps you have questions, about our “ZACO“ dollars or tokens for which you can „buy“ different kinds of dances from our dancers. This is how your bachelorette party begins.

Immediately after you are seated, our waiter will take care of you and fulfill your orders. You can choose from a wide range of wines from our wine selection or sip on great cocktails from our bartenders. The moment you place your order, you can chat with friends or dance to your favorite music played by our DJ’s, who will be happy to play any song on demand, all night till 4am. Men are just for you and your pleasure. That’s why you do not have to be ashamed to say what you feel or wish, all within boundaries of course. 😉

At eleven o’clock, the hot show begins! Dancers look forward to each performance and always perform with passion. Their performances do not take place only on stage, but our dancers will also dance near you and move to each and every table. This makes for a great hen party. You can dance with them, and touch them gently or wildly – whatever makes you happy. During the show you can appreciate the performance of our dancers and tip them with our “ZACO“ dollars, which you could have exchanged (purchased) at the entrance from our hostess. After each show, there are short breaks during which you can refill your already empty glasses, dance and carefully choose your dream dancer just for you. This “dream dancer will perform at your table or in our private lounge.

How are you enjoying your hen or bachelorette party so far? Lets continue…..
If you are a bit shy or want to be alone, it is possible to rent our VIP lounge. In this specially designed lounge there are plenty of ways to enjoy your bachelorette party even more. In the VIP lounge you can also play your own tunes from your phone, or simply enjoy karaoke with your friends. Our wide variety of songs will satisfy even the most demanding singer. The entire program runs until the morning hours. Our dancers stay till the club closes to keep you company. A small surprise will be waiting for you at the end of your night! You will see for yourself! At “Nemáš Zač”, we guarantee you will have the best bachelorette or hen party experience!

Interior ready for ALL!

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