Wine List

By Glass 0.2l
Mutěnice Chardonnay • 65,- czk
Svatovavřinecké Rosé • 65,- czk
Mutěnice Frankovka • 65,- czk

By Bottle 0.75l
Sauvignon Blanc • 350,- czk

Quality wine, dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Slovacka.
The fine and noble bouquet is dominated by peaches and nectarines accompanied by ripe gooseberries. A combination of red-currant with the pleasant tones of kiwi can be found in the taste.

Gewürztraminer • 390,- czk
Quality wine, medium-dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Mikulov.
An elegant aroma of mango and white roses. The extractive and harmonic taste is accompanied by a distinctive spiciness with a touch of canned pears.

Riesling • 490,- czk
Late harvest, dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Slovacka,
village Archlebov, vineyard Maliny.
A wine with an expressive bouquet of tangerines and orange peel. Traces of white pepper with a slight dominance of apricots appear in the spicy and slightly zesty taste.

Palava • 620,- czk
late harvest, medium-dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Mikulov, village Popice, vineyard Panensky kopec.
A captivating scent of exotic yellow fruit, cloves, and blossoming tea rose.The honey taste will surprise you with tones of ripe pears and honeycomb The aftertaste lingers long and is characterized by hidden undertones of lychee and cinnamon.

Bourgogne Chardonnay • 550,- czk
France, Bourgogne.
The aroma and taste of green apple and citrus fruits with a more significant acidity, slight mineral tones switch to a mild creamy finish. A very lively and fresh wine with a longer after-taste.

Légende Bordeaux Blanc AOC • 720,- czk
France, Bordeaux.
The light-golden colour and a pleasant vivid aroma of fresh white fruits, in particular gooseberry. A fruit wine that is lively in its taste with a more significant acidity and a longer finish. The aroma of ripe citrus fruits and mango.

St. Laurent Rosé • 390,- czk
Kabinet wine, semi-sweet, Sommelier Select, subregion Znojmo, village Hostěradice.
Beautiful coral pink color with subtle reflections ripe raspberries. Aroma of ripe strawberries and cherries. Aroma of ripe strawberries and cherries with a touch of cream and fruit drops. The taste is pleasantly spicy with notes of ripe small red stone fruit.Late flavor is sweet with sensual tones of cream with fresh strawberries.

Blue Portugieser • 350,- czk
Quality wine, dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Velke Pavlovice.
A wine with an original and very varietal bouquet of small red stone fruits. The taste is juicy, with a gentle hint of cinnamon and decent tannins.

Pinot Noir • 510,- czk
Late Harvest, dry, Sommelier Select, subregion Mikulov, Village Mikulov, vineyard Za Cihelnou.
The wine of light ruby colour, with traces of wild strawberries and raspberries in the bouquet. Its harmonic taste contains pleasant tones of cranberries in chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon • 530,- czk
late harvest, dry, non-filtered, subregion Velke Pavlovice, village Hustopeče, vineyard Růženy.
At first you will be surprised by the intense aroma of dried plums, caramel and blackcurrants. The full, velvet Cabernet-like taste is fascinating due to a combination of sour cherries, red pepper and bold tannins in the finish.

Petites Folies Merlot-Cabernet • 450,- czk
France, Languedoc.
Superb, deep red color with dark purple reflections.
Powerful and complex nose, marrying notes of ripe, jammy fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant) with roasted aromas of mocca and vanilla. It’s mading for Royal Palace Cabaret!

Ilixens Bordeaux AOC • 660,- czk
France, Bordeaux.
The aroma is reminiscent of a mixture of fresh as well as canned stone fruits and liquorice. The taste is warm and fruity with harmonic tannins as well as a touch of wood.

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